Friday, March 3, 2017

Hollywall Entertainment, Inc., CEO/Chairman Darnell Sutton to receive Lifetime Achievement Award

Washington D.C. - Hollywall Entertainment, Inc., (OTC:HWAL) is pleased to announce that their CEO & Chairman Darnell Sutton will be honored with the GOP's most coveted "Lifetime Achievement Award" at its annual Lincoln Day Dinner in NY on March 8, 2017. Darnell Sutton stated in his acceptance letter to the GOP, “In recognition and service of my faith, family and community, please allow this note to accept your very gracious offer and consideration to honor me with a most significant and prestigious “Lifetime Achievement Award”. I am truly humbled and overwhelmed with joy to receive this precious gift of acknowledgement today. Your kind and generous words within your letter of invitation have resonated throughout my Spirit and my company, Hollywall Entertainment, and we don’t not take them lightly.

Hollywall Entertainment, Inc., talks about Soul of America

CEO, Darnell Sutton plans to produce the "Soul of America" Series and tour with the same grand style as his previous productions such as: • The Barbados Jazz Festival, • Freedom Festival 90, • Live Aid, • Motown's, Soul by the Sea, • John Denver-"One World Tour", • MC Hammer Tour(s), • Luciano Pavarotti with the Royal Philharmonic, "Live from Barbados" , • World Gospel 97, • VH1's Divas Concert series, • VH1's Behind the Music series, • MTV Music Awards, • Billboard Music Awards, • MTV Film, "The MC Hammer Story", Just to name a few. As the Soul of America Series Tour and Television is in Pre-Production, the specific dates of the events and corporate sponsors are yet to be finalized. Stay tune for continual updates at Hollywall Entertainment, Inc., website