Wednesday, August 19, 2015

HWAL- Hollywall Entertainment Digital Network

Hollywall Entertainment, Inc. "HWAL"


HOLLYWALL Entertainment continues to develop a digital music network that distributes music from the Hollywall Music Library globally, as well as other available music, film and video libraries to consumers worldwide. The Hollywall network is also being designed to sell single song downloads, artist album downloads, and ringtones.

HOLLYWALL TV is in development as an advertising / membership based digital network in conjunction with a major entertainment representation firm.

HOLLYWALL Entertainment is currently negotiating with several recording artists(s) to re- record songs from the Hollywall Music Catalog.

HOLLYWALL Music is packaging Legacy Music and video collector sets for retail, wholesale and download sales.

HOLLYWALL Publishing intends to license music from its catalog for use in television, films, and for advertising commercials

HOLLYWALL Strategy for Success – HollyWall Entertainment, Inc.

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