Saturday, October 22, 2016

Hollywall Entertainment, "HWAL"- Hollywall Music

Hollywall Music-

We believe Hollywall Music’s digital distribution and verification system is revolutionary and will change how the media and entertainment industries conduct their businesses in the future. “Hollywall DNA-Net” is an electronic, real-time licensing process simplifying the current time-consuming, costly procedure for obtaining rights by and for artists, writers, content developers, authors, music performers, producers, publishers, composers, TV and video producers, copyright owners and production supervisors. Instead of taking weeks or months to establish a license, Hollywall DNA-Net collapses the process into hours/days while maintaining 100% copyright integrity and transparency.
Hollywall DNA-Net will increase revenue of Hollywall Entertainment. With Hollywall DNA-Net’s next generation licensing platform users can transact business rapidly in today’s music industry, improving customer delivery and quality control.Also, Hollywall DNA-Net is a repository for artists’ works as well as an Electronic Digital Record Label, (“eLabel™”) through which artists can market their creative works. They can market either by shopping their works directly to consumer site members who have opted to accept such solicitations or by making their catalog of offerings available for potential licensees to browse.

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